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1 month ago

Congratulations to Team Bhartiya Cricket Team on winning Test series on Australian soil for the first time since Last 71 years. This is a positive symbol for sabhi BHARATIYAS to move ahead in life Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas avasya hoga congratulations to the Lok Sabha for passing many important Bills Rajya Sabha ke mananiya se vinamrata purvak nivedan hai VIKAS PATH par chalen and make BRIDGE JOINING PEOPLE stronger aim for BHARTIYA PEOPLE BHARTIYA PRIDE BHARATIYA POSITIVITY

2 months ago

Wish you all the best for running a performing Government I pray to almighty to make the Government Sadaiv Atal congratulations on dedicating the largest Bridge In Bharat at Dibrugarh hum insaanon ke beech koi bhi Doorie hai to ussey Mita saktein hain engineering ke maadhyam se Bridge ke maadhyam se sab Bharatiya rahein Sadaiv Atal Sansad main bhi vipaks ke massobon Ko samjhiye kissi bhi tarah se Kisaan Kalyaan Bill Employment Bill aur Empowerment of the Poor ka Bills pass kijiye ATAL BILLS

2 months ago

Sansad roopi Lokatantra ke Mandir main Kanoon banayiye uchit behas ke saath dont fall prey to time wasting tactics of the opposition please give appropriate Jawaab to their TORREBAAZi you have the majority as on date please please dont allow the Lutyens ke Baba lok culture spread its tantrums in BHARAT and eat away the opportunities meant for qualified and meritorious BHARTIYAS The confidence of BHARATIYAS is Satyameva Jayate

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2 months ago

Respected Sir The Sansad is meant for Debate, Discussion and Direction for the Janata of Bharat Maa. In the Monsoon session much time was wasted and many things could not be discussed similarly current session there are destructions you have the majority in the Sansad of the day please provide important bills that helps the country

3 months ago

Respected Sir In the Times of a Nations development challenging situations also comes some times Sardar Vallabh Bhai took a strong decision at that very time and got all the princely states United Atal Behari Vajpayee took the decision and gave to the humanity the theory of Nuclear deterrance Similarly time has come to take a strong decision on Ramlala Virajmaan Once Law is promulgated each Human on Earth will obey Satyamev Jayate