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Famous International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick s name At Guinness World Records in Most generations of fashion designer has been received. She is a Entrepreneur also, member and community advicer of United Nations International, UNESCO take her Suggestion regarding the Future of Education, she studied from Milan Italy, U.K and from USA,her name in Guinness world records book.She said her husband Prof Dr Susanta Banerjee is inspiring her to achieve every success

International Fashion designer Priyanka Mallick s Suggestion for Union budget 2021 was take by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and implement in the Union budget minister says in a email that priyankas Suggestion helped her and her team also. She suggested for funding small business, farmers. Priyanka is a discussion forum advicer of govt of India, member of UN, UNESCO, UNICEF. She previously suggested govt of India for E learning

Famous Fashion Designer Priyanka Mallick is the First Indian women buy land on Mars.she is a International fashion designer and International business women.she is buy 1acer land on Mars.few days ago Nasa send Her name on Mars, her name in boarding pass of Nasa, and now Nasa send her picture on Mars in Nasas future Mars mission. Her husband Prof Dr S Banerjee s name also along with her name on boarding pass of Nasa. Priyanka is the members of United Nation international.Advicer of Govt of India

Post card issued by Italy government at Name of Priyanka Mallick, she is a International fashion designer studied from Milan, Italy, & London, U.k ,& USA. She is world famous after the winner of the international fashion designer marathon from Milan Italy 2019, stylist of the year 2020. So a Design institute of milan & govt of Italy issue post card. Priyanka & her husband Prof Dr S Banerjee says big thanks to govt of Italy & Govt of India

Famous Fashion Designer Priyanka Mallicks Advice is Taken by UNESCO about shape our future Education, she is in UN general assembly SDG action zone in campaign Together shape our future. She also run a campaign about Mental education for equality in United Nations SDG action zone. UNESCO has take her Suggestion regarding shaping future Education , and also she tell UNESCO about positive impact of Covid. Lets change beginning ,she said in Twitter

Famous International Fashion Designer Priyanka Mallick also Suggested govt of India for Educational Revolution, Creative education, world class education. She suggested to Priministers Mann ki baat. indian govt previously also take her Suggestion Start E LEARNING for world class education, Manodarpan initiative for Mental education. She is a international business women, Influncer and discussion forum advicer many department of govt of India.She is Nominated for Padma Shri award by govt

Priyanka Mallick is top among new European Fashion Designer. She is from west Bengal. India. She is nominated for Padma shri awards by govt of India. She is the Influncer and member of UNITED NATION International and Unicef. She also influncer and advicer of many department of govt of India. She is a international business women. She said her husband Prof Dr S Banerjee is behind her all Success

Priyanka Mallick, Badinan, Hooghly, West Bengal, India. Is Nominated for Padma Shri award 2021. She is a fashion designer and business women.her excellent work in fashion design, International field. And she contribute herself for Educational Revolution in India. Suggested for E learning for Globalization and High quality education, mental education for students, parents and teachers. And government start E vidya, Manodarpan initiative . One education one digital platform