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22 hours ago

Respected Modi ji. Pranams. Why do we still use a national anthem which is written blatantly in praise of King George V. It is demeaning and lacks complete self respect for India and its historical culture. With great strides that you have made, would request you to get this corrected. Warm Regards and Pranams again. Balasubramanian

2 days ago

A most neglected section of our society are the home nurses sent to various houses by private agencies. In this Covid era, the government should compulsorily ensure that the nurses are paid directly by the respective families and only the commissions to the agencies should be paid to the agencies. The agencies are making the poor home nurses to run around for their monthly payments even though though transportation is almost absent. Every government agencies should take a proactive role.

4 days ago

Durin the rainy seasons excess amount of water from cauvery river merges into the sea without any use.We have to build check dams along the entire river from its starting point to ending point to store the water for the future use.This will helps to recharge the ground water as well to cut off the rise of sea level.Also we can construct the tunnels horizontal to the river & transport the water to the nearby village water bodies,this will make the non-availability of water for farming .Thanks

4 days ago

In summer seasons most of the wild animals & birds in the forests were run in sort of water .For that we can we can make Some pits to hold some water during the raining seasons. This will make the availability of water to the animals as well as the ground water level will also increases . In this modern era ,we only wants the water from the borewell & not naturally from the skies. We Shouldnot search water from the ground ,we must get the water from the clouds as an rain