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10 hours ago

Thanks for gifting a satellite to SAARC and request to insist digital TV to provide Dish on every TV or on roof like earlier RADIO Antenna due to good technology and charge a very nominal fee as the TATA SKY and others are looting the public with high price. The way JIO brought down the loot by AIRTEL on telephone costs, please empower Indians with a separate satellite to provide Cable TV as Digital TV with Direct to Home with small dish in every home and let it be like LED bulb revolution…

10 hours ago

Signed 4 MoUs with 4 state Gives at Investor summit to establish 5 MW solar greenhouse, which creates 50 jobs per taluka wherein land less children will get 35 jobs while attracting private investment in high tech horticulture thru solar glass greenhouse and hence no migration of rural youth to cities. EiDB is a challenge in Gujarat Govt and request PMO intervention to make Energy Dept of GoG to respond as our request is pending since May 2017.

12 hours ago

For the development of transforming India, to make India largest economy in the world , to give the real value and respect to those Indian who are working to their respected field,to increase the par capita income of the people and above to changing the life of farmer to all the backward citizen of the country we all Indian must support Modiji to see him at least next 10 years as a Prime Misister.

12 hours ago

I had posted a message on the online rti facility being absolutely non functional and receiving no response apart from losing the fee that I have paid. I see that the post has been removed conveniently. If this space is only to earn praises and not for constructive criticism please dont send me messages to advertise your so called initiatives that dont work

22 hours ago

Just like in case of school teachers RTE Act2009 there are no minimum qualifications prescribed for appointment of administration staff and non-teaching staff in primary and secondary,MHRD should make laws regarding this.

1 day ago

Koi to hai koi to hai jise desh ki chinta hai Koi to hai.jiske pm ban Jane see desh me bharshtachaar ghta.atank rishbat khori ka kala bazaar ghta.teen talaak bill aa Jane se aurat par atyachaar ghta.koi to hai koi to hai.jise desh ki chinta hai.