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7 hours ago

Indian Air Force can help to fulfill the excessive demand of oxygen from their aircraft units and squadron as they used a large number of oxygen cylinder for routine flying.By minimising the routine flying hours it is possible to save the oxygen and can be used for covid 19 treatment.

Many expatriate Indians have been sending funds to support causes they believe in. Instead of financing dissent they should be advised to take up the responsibility of financial support of a boy or girl of their native place to better his/her life both by guidance and by financial support, as that is the only way to transform lives in a progressive manner.

2 weeks ago

Dear Prime Minister I have few suggestion related to vaccination but it is absolutely painful that no world leader showing courage to hold Chinese president for this genocide

Famous International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick s name At Guinness World Records in Most generations of fashion designer has been received. She is a Entrepreneur also, member and community advicer of United Nations International, UNESCO take her Suggestion regarding the Future of Education, she studied from Milan Italy, U.K and from USA,her name in Guinness world records book.She said her husband Prof Dr Susanta Banerjee is inspiring her to achieve every success