modiji-i am privy to information pertinent to de-mo deflection amounting to 50 crores by a big shot in vijayawada thro 3 bank branches at 30 percent cut.i am not sure to whom i have to appraise without getting caught in the crossfire as a whistle blower.i believe bankers of this kind who put their personal gains ahead of national interest are responsible for such a bold and path-breaking decision of yours not yielding desired results and these people should not go scot-free. hail na-mo de-mo.

revered sir,i am an ardent fan of de-mo and anxiously following all your efforts to weed out black money from the system with limited is believed that b.m takes the form of cash-gold-real estate etc. but major chunk is in the form of pronotes with almost all the of announce a deadline to declare and register all the pronotes held so far by individuals -if they fail these will be voidable-and hereafter make registration compulsory thereby curbing private lending. 2 birds

3 hours ago

Respected Sir, This is in context with your efforts to increase the MD/MS PG seats in Medical Colleges by increasing Teacher Student ratio only, However in Govt Medical Colleges Teachers are being retired at Assistant Professor Posts awaiting Departmental Promotion or Redesignation to Associate Professor or Professor which can satisfy both demands of Higher PG Seats as well as Stability and Higher dedication of Such under utilized faculty for years as Only Associate or Professor can Have PG Seat

2 hours ago

The UAN member portal is not working from months and people are continuously putting their effort to bring this to the notice of authorities through the EPF complaint site.But it is matter of great regret that nobody is bothered to address or update this issue.Hope this site is at least reviewed by the concerned authorities and will address this issue at the earliest.