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1 day ago

Dear PM, I have been following up your great efforts to bring in developments for our country in all areas.. I feel the information about all the good work done by you are not reaching every citizen across the country… Public should know about all the initiatives of you.. People who are connected through social media will know to some extent… Due to paucity of time many will not notice your good initiatives… I suggest from now on YOU should address the nation regularly thro all channels

4 days ago

Smart Villages – Smart Design and Planning to execution – Urban/rural localities appear as eyesores and appear poorly planned and executed. New construction left to people are haphazard, tend to not follow plans and contribute to more eyesores. There is an urgent requirement to design and plan village residential layouts with key std of living metrics for multiple pop groups for standardization and rolled out across. A model layout should be showcased and executed as a functioning example.