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8 mins ago

This idea portal will be a matchstick in tech world to carry out their culture traditional ideas .will give boost and reduce mind tention traffic across the world.its benefit will be more that i cant explain.thanks.KUMAR UPARAJ.OM TYPING CENRRE CO PROFF DR SREE RAGHO RAM SAH BELSANDI KALYANPUR SAMASTIPUR BIHAR7759967311

4 mins ago

This idea and problem solving portal will not only show section of private personal etc but also religious sections caste sections country sections and minority and majority caste sections and spaces would be provided to add or create sections for their community womens section womens court children court etc request to ve undergo indian govt pannel.

13 mins ago

The declaration will initiate the courage the students to study and give helpful small or big ideas to nation and nation will reward with money direct cash to them or for great ideas on the stage of country.the sectors private or govt sections problems reward would be given by those but by nation will initiate the wright answer and path to people boz people would be afraid to say anything wrong.the solution would be by written or by call.plz think on it.

18 mins ago

That is India will be the first around the world to create a huge income plateform of idea selling and rewarding for small or big ideas.accn to sectors ez agri yoga etc will be the first to solve all problems by written or by will give huge employment not to many but all.this will initiate great thinkinking to scholars and students all small and big problems.with money and award rated.the rewards would be accn to solutions.a huge employment will be created and appreciation

1 hour ago

And all issue.with teir name shown with award money in the section of best thinking with first idea first get will be useful to all students and people.with great thanks.kumar upraj.itwill be the best idea selling portal from india in whole must be declared by the constitution or govt.

1 hour ago

Respected honorable sir.i have seen urs statemant that u asked suggestions from the country living on the occassion of 15thh aug.sir i have an small idea why dont u start a portal or website that people students old people children women everybody willbe awarded with money direct cash into their paytm or phonepay wallet on giving creative ideas solving problems on website.means their must be column both fr problems and solutions with price rate and creative ideas portal for global environment