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4 days ago

Unity and Discipline is the Satyameva Jaitey way in the BHARTIYA culture Always be careful of the Foreign Invaders on Bharat Maa why they Invaded the simple reason is because BHARTIYA economy was strong and they want to earn Income on the soil of Maa Bharti today also we are the Good Economy of the world and please enhance the Agricultural Industrial Services Defence Space Research and Tertiary and each sector Development of BHARAT

1 week ago

Congratulations to BIP on good performance everyday as each Indian is reviewing Governments performance on every day basis yes there was a challenge in facing the elections and winning there was challenge in Maharashtra and Haryana also very good performance in Uttrakhand Panchayat elections please remember and always remember the Battle of Terrain of 1192 had India thwarted M Ghori that year we would have not faced the foreign invaders likes of Mugals Britishers Congress Nepotism

2 weeks ago

Dear PM I have few suggestion related to Patent please see the attachment I want to tell here that Delhi police afraid of life with just two slaps but more that THOUSAND CUSTODIAL DEATH are taking place every year where police investigating against police laughing stock Please issue ESMA against police

2 weeks ago

Respected BHARTIYA PARLIAMENT please respect SATYAMEVA JAYATE LORD SRI RAM we all should learn from him that every day he is competing with the challenge thrown up to him to compete for his Birthplace Janamsthaan whereas entire human race knows Lord Sri Ram was born in BHARAT the INDIA the time has come to be united and spread BHARTIYA TA