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2 hours ago

Bharat ka Pratyek niwasi ek Chowkidaar hi to hai ussney Babar ki barbarrtaa Ko Laathi se khaded diyaa ussney British hukumat Ko bhi Laathi se khaded Diya aur to aur ussney 1947 main bhi Muslim league aur Congress ke beech jo power sharing ka Match Fixing hua uski Sarhad main har Fauji aaj tak bahut hi badiya se chowkidaari Kar Raha hai Maa bhi Ghar ki choola chowki hi sambhaal Rahi hai BHARAT key Pratyek log main hai ek ABHINADAN woh kissi naamdaar ke Income Allowance ka Bhooka nahin hain

1 day ago

Since Independence we all BHARTIYAS have been the victims of the negative fallout of Nehruvian Nepotism at the corridors of GOVERNANCE so much so that even at the helms of Politics many people with no qualifications and no experience in leading masses were forcefully put to lead some Organisation comparing to that Each BHARTIYA is atleast has one formidable Qualification and experience of CHOWKIDAAR a Jawan guards the Chowki at Border a farmer manages the Chowki at Agricultural fields

2 days ago

I little bit physically challenged and my father worked in military establishment as soldier and he got injured with no pension and he worked in bharat electronics as security with no pension but his service is 35 years in believe could please help me with little bit monetary help as my father has rendered services to both the establishments but no pension I am jobless because of physically retarded.