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2 days ago

Foreign companies have setup their Captive centres either design or manufacture in India. Because it is their captive centre, they charge themselves a low charge say USD 30 per hour. or even lower. Whereas in their countries the per hour charge would be max 200 per hour. In such a case, by claiming they do a work for 30, they do not pay the right tax to India at the implied rate of 200 even though they get benefitted. Further this USD 30 also gets pumped back to their country.

5 days ago

I am old grandpaa of my only grand son rayan nandy who lost his father on the peak of COVID, on 4th march 2021. He is an orphan with none of me, his mother unemployed to sustain living & education. He studies in class v at donbosco kol. Pl help to support the FAMILY. My contact no.9674011609. 83, garfa main rd. Kolkata 700075. West bengal.

1 week ago

Poor people any time poor. high class people any time high class this is India situation please change sir family one members compulsary government job provide and family is so happy government sanction this type rules family is so happy this is my honable request sir thanku

2 weeks ago

Dear Sir,you have always come out with new ideas and see the proper implementation we need young fresh minds with lots of ideas..start recruting students from our top institutes like IIT IIM etc during their final placements and create these paid not elected will be a first and it will change the mindset of a lot of young people and our country as a whole.