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2 days ago

This is my personal opinion on why are we in a race to send space missions specially Chandrayaan II just for seeing the properties of moon surface. Would it not do more good for a growing economy like India to spend this time and resource in making it better and better like process for filtering the ocean water for drought affected areas like Chennai, rain water harvesting, garbage management etc etc. A budget of 1000 Cr just for a space mission wont help any common man.

3 days ago

With all due respect to Doctors, want to highlight that today fees of Private Practicing Doctors are paid in cash.As we want a cash free India and are driving towards Digital payment, would request if we can stop cash transactions of Private doctors.At least to start with, if a uniform centralized payment receipt application be rolled out where every Private practice Doctors has to provide receipt for payment against cash received from Patients.This will help in bringing better control

4 days ago

Union Public Service Commission, State Public Service Commission etc. all government exams are not providing mark sheet in the on going year the just provide roll no. of the passed ones i e clearly giving the space for corruption and violated Article 21 which gives us right to know in the chapter of fundamental rights in our constitution.

5 days ago

I am requesting you to please consider pension facility for private sector. Being as private employee, we do not have any job security. So government starts pension for private sector under condition who stays in india then it will be really benefit. I am want share one example, my father is retired from private sector in year of 2015 and he is getting pension of rs 1200. Considering current medical expenses this amount is not enough for his monthly need. Requesting you to start pension pvt.

5 days ago

I came across an interesting video on Youtube. It shows how some countries had stopped using boxes for toothpaste packaging to reduce pollution.We can implement this in our country for the products we use daily. For example toiletries, cosmetic creams, tea or coffee powder could be sold without the outer box and plastic can be replaced by thick paper packets. All of us literally throw the boxes immediately after buying these products. I hope this idea sounds great and easy to implement.

Many fake agriculturist are growing in country. Even the MP MLA are not subject to tax on their income as Salary. Hence the are only the biggest tax evading personal by defeating heart of tax law. Any MP MLA could be engaged in n number of business and profession, where any other govt employee or pvt employee cannot. This create the diatress and distrust in society toward faith and loyalty towarda govt actions and tax. If india really want to progress, without faith and trust in govt it cannt