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1 week ago

Dear Prime Minister Please come back from your saint appearance to previous appearance when You were Gujarat CM. I have few suggestion for election debacle. Please go through the attachment.

1 week ago

Respected sir its really great that your government is fighting for covid-19 but here we know that due to lack of doctors the situation is out of control so in this time so many graduates of mbbs are waiting to write FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATE EXAMS FMGE in this case or situation if we can take them atleast we can save so many lives bcoz of doctors present in the hand so please consider this situation and try to help out people of india coming out frm the foreign countries can help

2 weeks ago

Dear Prime Minister I have few suggestions related to vaccination that will start from first may. Please go through the attachment for details.

3 weeks ago

Csc and public relations sarvice farmer sarvice poor man who sarkar benfit government support bpmay gramin awas and loan swarojgar utpann kirshi yantra trading paymt

3 weeks ago

Indian Air Force can help to fulfill the excessive demand of oxygen from their aircraft units and squadron as they used a large number of oxygen cylinder for routine flying.By minimising the routine flying hours it is possible to save the oxygen and can be used for covid 19 treatment.