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19 hours ago

Bad banking and good economy cannot go together. It is necessary to bring about structural reforms beyond mergers. The merged banks can as well be fulfilling the need for global level financial institutions. Local level institutions need revamp, re-creation and strengthening for effective financial inclusion. Please see my paper in pdf attached

1 day ago

Our school should be discipline as like defense school I saw a tamil movie name RAATCHASI how an army personal lady change the views thoughts of school and society as like that we have to change students will improve their way of living and thinking so please go through the movie and feel the change and let change the school model every citizen want to improve their level so from base army will change the thought of each students lets go for change as like NEP EK BHARAT SREST BHARAT

1 week ago

To fulfill the dream of digital India cyber laws should be very strict. Because every citizen has a fear of getting their accounts hacked any time while doing epayments.

1 week ago

Government is doing a commendable job in extending OLD AGE PENSION ACROSS INDIA allowing the old to live with self-respect.But, IRONICALLY PS Banks who are State under Art12, are DENYING PENSION to their own RESIGNEES with 20+years PENSIONABLE BLEMISHLESS SERVICE while at the same time are GRANTING PENSION to Bankers DISMISSED under either PENAL ACTION or IN PUBLIC INTEREST.NONE CARES.KINDLY HELP HONOURABLY EXITED PSBank RESGINEES LIVE THEIR OLD AGE IN DIGNITY BY MAKING PSBanks GIVE THEM PENSION

3 weeks ago

As a women entrepreneur requested to have meeting with for our company as we was struggling to get refund from government I am thankful to Mr Nitin Gadkari and SME Forum to listen us and provide us solution. Govt of India trying best to address many open challenges during this tough time We should support them