5 hours ago

dear sir i am one of the doctors of this country and i am not related to the fight going on in ayodhya for mandir and mazjid .but i know that this country needs good hospitals and my suggestion is that why cant we use that place for a big hospital so that both hindus and muslims can be benifitted…

5 hours ago

dear sir ,i am one of t he doctors from preventive and social medicineand i really appreciate the steps taken by govt.in teleconsultation to improve health care services in rural india.BUT the interest and efforts of doctors is still lacking in this field.. it is my request to add this topic in the curriculum for students so that future doctors can actively participate in it

12 hours ago

India needs to honour our great leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose by launching new currency note of say Rs 100 with his photograph. PM Sir, This will bring a transforming effect. But the souls of all freedom fighters from Bengal and all over India will be very happy.This can be a big Game Changer. Please discuss in your close circles and just launch before 2019.

15 hours ago

As much as it is my responsibility as an ordinary citizen, we need leaders from the manufacturing industry who will not only speak up against this menace but also lead by example. The manufacturing industry must voluntarily invest part of their profits towards protecting the environment from further degradation, and towards reversing the damage which is done.

1 day ago

Dear prime minister it is my humble request to u that can u fix the price for hearing aid as u have done for other medical surgeries and second request is if you increase the tax exemption limit on monthly family pension it will be of great help to families who are working hard to bring their life back to normal

Can India become a Doctor-Manufacturing-Country, in next 5 yrs, by providing FREE education to 5Lacs deserving students to become Medical Doctors. Benefits-Citizens will benefit more under Modicare. Development of Medical tourism.No malafide settings with pharma and mediclaim cos.These Drs become Govt Dr and serve rural India