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15 hours ago

Every government servants work has to be audited, incentivised with dis incentives and possibility of termination of job also to ensure quality and responsibility towards country. The days of socialistic idea of permanent government jobs and facilities with no responsibility has to be over. Government has to be strict but at the same time not ruthless like private sector. TATA is a good example of a balanced employer. Creating awards in every sector also helps.

16 hours ago

Make it mandatory for all MP and MLA to set up labour skill development schools which will produce a trained labour work force. They can be admitted after class 8, or class 10 and trained as well as educated for 2 years. They get certificates from labour ministry. They need not appear in board exams if after class 8 thereby reducing the load there. What is the use of lacs of BA, B.Sc, who have no specific skills. If we follow we become AATMANIRBHAR over time.

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2 days ago

Sir please remove panchayat administration and bring a new government body like BDO office Give a new name like village development office and recruite official by government exam. Beacause panchayat system is very corrupted So for develpoment It is necessary to create a new goverment office in village level like panchayat please sir otherwise our country village cant develop Every panchayat and their officials are to much corrupted I request you sir

Please select one of top user from every state and arrange to post them as central government ambassador for giving mass awareness on the schemes and development of india among the citizens of state