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4 days ago

Thank you my dear Prime Minister for the lockdown step taken for us. Today we do realize what an important step you have taken for us. We all know India is testing less. Testing is important.We need creative and intelligent minds we should also make something like this. Along with lockdown we should also have something like this to end corona quickly.

5 days ago

Hello Sir i want to talk with you privately please if possible contact me i want give an suggestion on how to make this quarantine successful and get rid of this corona virus

5 days ago

Dear Prime Minister wish You good health. If You feel to extend the lockdown necessary then please do it without any hesitation. Your foresight about the disease and prompt measures has dramatically reduced the disease burden. BUT IT IS WAR. AND IT IS THIRD WORLD WAR INITIATED BY CHINA. Many of us may not feel it but if it is not contained and completely controlled then there will be nothing but dead bodies scattered around the roads.