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1 week ago

Fabiflu 200 mg has been priced at Rs 103 per tablet by Glenmark After my inquest I found already there exists a brand of Favipiravir in the Indian market with the brand name LIVFAVIR marketed by a Mumbai based company Livealth Biopharma Private Limited and

1 week ago

Dear Prime Minister it is our duty to preserve democracy of other countries and make sure each and every people enjoy basic rights and freedom We should recognize Taiwan in return of main circuit board and microprocessor supply Similarly we should support free Tibet campaign I have few suggestion related to Indus Water treaty 1960 Please go through the attachment

2 weeks ago

To make India self dependent I suggest that factories at village or tehsil level should be established. NAREGA is wastage of money so the people working in NAREGA can be given work in these factories as per their eligibility and qualification. The factory owner should be given tax relief as much he gives employment . More Jobs More Tax Relief more subsidy. Establishing New business and factories should be eased. NAREGA LABOURS should be used in building roads and bridges.