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Sir most respectfully and humbly i beg to inform you that in the District of Purulia in West Bengal lockdown is not fully abide by the people and the administration is not so active to fulfil the purpose of lockdown. I therefore request you kindly to ask the Chief Minister to look into the matter carefully so that we may fight against Corona Virus fruitfully. Thanking you yours faithfully

6 days ago

Dear Prime Minister wish you good health In WB sweet shops opened due to pressure from milkman but these shops will act as isolated centre for spreading the Chinese Virus but we are in war and it is third WORLD WAR that is fought with biological warfare Please close these otherwise your sleepless nights will go in vain and I can see that tiredness is gripping Jyogi Adityanath but still he is running from district to district. If needed increase the lockdown period IT IS WAR

6 days ago

To ease the finding of Covid-19 affected patients govt. should announce reward to such people who come forward and surrender. It may help and control additional damage.

1 week ago

On Thursday, 2nd April, rama navami celebration will cause total disruption on lock down. Kindly take strict measures to avoid and control the situation now only