4 days ago

Dr. Mr Modi, I wants to meet you personally and wants to discuss few matters which is very urgent to be discussed with you. Sir there are so many serious problems which our country are facing. Sir, innocent peoples are misleading by fake you tube vedios which has not any reality in it, just to distroy the image of peoples, there should be strict law if someone makes fake vedios. its create false image and mislead innocent minds. Sir, few topics i cant discuss openly, for that i wants to meet u

5 days ago

Govt should make aware people about girls deterioration and safety #gangrape and kidnapping#it is our government and every citizen responsibility to increase safe surroundings for our sisters and mothers.. govt can telecast advertisements to gret extent , organising camps are some of the steps..

5 days ago

i have a suggestion to improve GST as we know if the business pay their GST returns they get input tax credit which encourages them to do so but the consumer who is end of this chain ultimately pays the tax but he is not getting benefit so i suggest that a small amount of the bill amount should be deposited in his pension account and consumer should be able to see how much amt is accumulated every time avails a goods or service with valid bill he will be encouraged to ask the bill

2 weeks ago

sir, i a school student in a school shouts, the class teacher punishes him. In a state if we protest for our rights even after taking permission from the authority, we will be arrested and beaten on petty issues. But in parliament if so much of shouting and disturbance take place why no action is taken on them and the government pays salary to them. we have not sent these members to parliament to shout and cause disturbance to the house. There are other ways to express your protest.