3 days ago

I want to share something that many of the young people want to be a research scholar but they think that there is no chance to make their career so they avoid this way. I think in the youth of India there is a large amount of capability to research and innovate and I know you may agree with it. So I request you to add the way of research to the university professor job so that they get motive in research field. This way India may fulfill the professor post in university and may get scientists.

4 days ago

Dear Prime Minister Modi Ji. We salute your sheer grit, determinationand common sense. Seeing the spurt of crimes and moral degeneration of our young population across all sectors of economy, it may a good idea to have a small booklet introduced at ALL schools for ALL classes till they pass out on – You are a good citizen. In that booklet add common rules on traffic, swachhata, considerate neighbor, kind towards helpless living things-humans, animals, birds, why pay taxes, public property

People in USA are facing a very hard time in getting OCI cards as the questions that need to be answered by the applicants in the application form are very ambiguously put due to which there is confusion in understanding the question and giving the relevant answer. The staff too have no clue to help the applicants. My only endeavour is please frame the questions in unambiguous and clear form.

The way personal names are written in every state needs to be attended by the government seriously. There is no such things every Indian has to have a first name, middle name and Surname. This is a diversity issue which matters in registering citizens. Shall be grateful if addressed seriously and promptly

5 days ago

PM Sir, to move to a casteless society but to a class society please roads LS bill to stop caste column in educational institutions and other govt forms. This would classify people in poor class , middle-class and rich class and not on basis of caste. Caste is a British classification and used to divide our society to rule us. Parliament debate on this required to let people know.

6 days ago

All most all tax payers do not pay real tax for their real income.At end of the financial year, after making so many adjustments in accounts, they submit return with lot of expenses which are not actually incurred to reduce the tax payable.If the tax payers pay real tax for their real income, revenue to the government shall increase twice or above for benefit of the nation.BUT NO BODY DO IT. To stop this practice I have simplest solution.If concerned department contact me, I will let them know