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1 month ago

A citizen reporting app should be developed, where citizen can direly upload photos or videos link of any problem they seen in their locality. My Grievance portal is not capable enough to do the same.

1 month ago

Although government is taking good action, however an citizen is not empowered yet. Corruption is everywhere. To check efficient of any government services all officer should be examined through an unannounced examination like we do to surveillance in exams. There is no fear in government officer. They do what they wants to do, They are not listening to public. They are doing only their duty.

2 months ago

They are not doing what corresponds with this flu, it should be treated with nebulizations, pseudoephedrine decongestants, hydration of the respiratory tract, never give dry oxygen. expel nucosity, spit, and put nose filters impregnated with soap virus neutralizer and chinstraps with diluted soap.