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3 years ago

#TransformingIndia as we are doing good for India, as we are busy doing good work, as we creating good ideas. i have contributing in Digital India now as writing and creating good songs and music. here you can see now i am focusing in good writing. now i making some documentaries who will tell to world India is a workaholic country.

3 years ago

Say no to Production of Polythene Bags For last many years we have seen that many government are saying say no to polythene as this is harmful for our nature. A lot of programmes are running for this and the govt is wasting public money but there is no result. Govt is taking action against the shopkeepers by fine them for use of polythene. When we can say no to production of polythene bags. if there is no production. Then no polythene is to be used.

3 years ago

I would like to make a recommendation regarding the practice of annual budget. The budget is presented every year and the money or funds are allotted to various ministries or departments and the funds need to be utilized within the financial year. The time of one year is too less for the funds to be utilized judiciously and hence a rush is seen in the end by all to spend these funds as no surrender of funds are acceptable. I recommend the funds be alloted for two years with review in one year.