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4 years ago

Dear Sir, It is commonly observed that there is innumerable no. of files, decisions pending in various central Ministries. For any development to be felt by masses, it is imperative that a culture of quick decision as well as fear for delays be developed in all powerful bureaucracy, I suggest a robust system called AASHA Automatic Assessment and Self Healing system of Appraisals for Good Governance . The details are enclosed in the file.

4 years ago

Dear Sir, This is Aniket from Mumbai I am sure you would be knowing that Mahtra is under severe Water scarcity problm While we are really proud of various initiatives like Make in India Digital India etc but all the industries that invest in India would require minimum water electricity for running efficiently In scenarios like today where 60percnt water cuts have been imposed what would motivate a company to invest here Can I request my govt to start an initiative for betr water management