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6 years ago

The Morning Thoughts All of us have the Power – to Observe, Think, Act, Perform, Enjoy and Uplift ALL, Powered by the drive within us. We need the guiding principles of integrity, commitment to make it happen. Let the driving force of conscience to be corrupt free in our thoughts and deeds transform our country to the zenith of power on a global scale.

6 years ago

Respected PM Sir Impact INR 9000 Crore Savings to Government in 5 years with 300 Million Candidates appear every year Government Examination Admin Transformation using AADHAR by UPSC SSC Railway Recruitment Board Government Universities and Examinations for Central and State exams 1 USe Online Application Submission with AADHAR Number 2 HALL Ticket Generation using AADHAR Number 3 Examination Hall Candidate Physical Verification using AADHAR API