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6 years ago

Meet 64 year old Mrs. Janet Yegneswaran, credited with planting more than 50,000 tree saplings for free in Bangalore city in last ten years under the banner started in memory of her late husband RS Yegneswaran. Active and energetic she always on the move to help plant,educate people,all driven by the passion of greening the earth and to save the planet.She has won accolades from all and many awards with media coverage The organisation is supported by like minded volunteers.

6 years ago

The expenditure of government on wages and salaries is too high. Downsize the bureaucracy by lowering taxes thereby increasing voluntary compliance, removing unnecessary compliance like TDS, using digitization, etc.

6 years ago

Dear PM , We live in village area and we are facing internet connectivity. Me and type of me people visit BSNL Office they told us – we do not have line in that area. My suggestion BSNL use Wireless WI-MAX CPE transmission for remote village. Me and like millions of IT professional Live in village and made money from abroad using our skills also we will able to generate jobs. But we need better assistant from BSNL , i hope you will consider my suggestion. Ashok Bhamla – Sohna 9996760088