Pre-Matric Scholarships to the Children of those Engaged in occupations involving cleaning and prone to health hazards


The scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to cover pre-matric education of children of those engaged in occupations involving cleaning and are prone to health hazard.

There are other Pre-matric eduaction schemes as well:


Scholarship will be admissible to the children/wards of Indian Nationals who, irrespective of their religion belong to one of the following categories:
a. Persons who are Manual Scavengers as defined under section 2(I) (g) of Manual Scavengers Act 2013;
b. Tanners & Flayers;
c. Persons engaged in hazardous cleaning as defined in section 2(l) (d) of Manual Scavengers Act 2013.
d. Children who are born to parents who are not engaged in such occupations, but have been adopted by such person (as mentioned above) will be eligible for scholarship only after a lapse of three years from the date of such adoption, provided that they have been living with the adopted parents since the date of such adoption. Such children will be eligible only if their parents furnish such certificates (such as of proof of their occupation, date of adoption etc.) as may be required by the concerned State Government/Union Territory administration.

A certificate should be obtained from the eligible candidates as follows:
-From children/wards mentioned in point (a) : only once, at the time of their first application/renewal, as the case may be, of Pre-matric Scholarship, after coming into force of this revision (of 2011), to the effect that at least one parent belongs to the relevant categories.
-From children/wards mentioned in point (b) : every year, to the effect that at least one parent is currently engaged in tanning and/or flaying.

The scholarships may be given to students enrolled in class I or any subsequent class of pre-matric stage in the case of day scholars, and class III or any subsequent class of pre-matric stage in case of hostellers. The scholarship will terminate at the end of class X. The duration of scholarship in an academic year is ten months.”

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The benefits associated with the scheme are underlined below :

Hostellers – The students as hostellers will be covered from class III to X. The rates of scholarships for Class III to X is Rs.700/- per month for 10 months
Day Scholars – The students as day scholars will be covered from Class I to Class X. The rates of scholarships are Rs. 110/- per month for 10 months
Ad-Hoc Grant – An adhoc grant of Rs. 750/- per student per annum to all day scholars and Rs. 1000/- per student per annum to hostellers would be admissible.
The scholarship amount will be payable from the date of joining to the date of leaving the school, excluding the period of vacation, which will be about 10 months in a year, except in cases where the student enters or leaves early in the midst of the academic year.

Mode of Application

The concerned Department of the State Government/Union Territory administration will supply the application forms, which should be submitted to the respective department along with prescribed certificate, by the last date.

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