The last three years have seen remarkable changes in India’s development paradigm. We have set forth on the Transforming India journey, with coordinated efforts by all Ministries to change the lives of citizens. India is in the spotlight globally and domestically significant steps have been taken towards social and financial inclusion to ensure holistic development of all sections of the society.
The Transforming India microsite is a repository for sharing the impact of various governance initiatives with citizens in real time. This community based platform facilitates two-way communication between the Government and its people. We look forward to your continuous engagement in this journey of Transforming India.

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  • premchandra lokhande - 2 years ago

    IT is our fundamental right to help nation,we done research and applied for permissions , we can implement effectively ‘SMART VILLAGE" concept indiawide,as we done research,we applied when everyone laughing on us on this idea in 2007, now govt pickup story and this implemented by new people who doesn’t know what is smart village data on link shared ,

  • Sudhir Pathak - 2 years ago

    I wud like to draw attention towards road safety,it is highly important for all of us as citizens that we should step in and be more responsible towards our own safety on roads.I recently moved to Pune & I am seeing nearly 90% people not wearing helmets while riding a bike though it is a rule to wear helmet no one is bothered. I personally feel it is our responsibility to bring safety for ourselves and security to our family.

    We hv to transform India who is following & respecting road safety

  • Charchita Rangacharya - 2 years ago

    There is a seperate AYUSH ministry which encourages treatment via alternative methods like ayurveda, siddha, homeopathy. When a person wants to take ayurvedic treatment it is not covered under the medical insurance. Why cant government proposes to medical insurance company to cover AYUSH treatment under medical coverage. This will help many people to go for ayurvedic, homeopathy etc treatment instead of allopathy.

  • Mayur Kumar - 2 years ago

    I have many ideas to transform India or which will definitely help in transforming. I have been writing to PMO but they don’t really respond. Children trafficking which is a major issue, I have an idea which can stop it to a great extend. Kashmir issue, discrimination in justice system for poor, better hospitals and banks, reduce roads accidents, improve traffic, stop people from protesting like in kashmir and other states, and many more things to share. Contact me please and give it a chance

  • suhee vimalesh - 2 years ago

    In every new year beginning every one ask what is your goal on this year, also we all have some in our mind, but in every year of our independence day including myself also is any one ask a question what is your goal for this nation on behalf of the citizen of this country, and how many of us individually fix a goal for this nation is a enormous question, at least from this year onward we must make a proper aim for the National development. JAIHIND

  • Agnim Anand Gaur - 2 years ago

    Respected Mr. Prime Minister
    Could it be possible to ride your convoy in Indian made cars as of TATA’s or MAHINDRA’s?
    I am definitely sure that if suggested they will make a car secure as well luxurious enough to carry the Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic of India.
    Also the feeling of the Prime Minister riding an Indian car will definitely impact its citizens of being nothing but proud!

    TATA’s are the owners of Jaguar and can easily replace the current brand in luxury and security.

  • arun sharma - 2 years ago

    For senior citizens without pensions benefit, raise Senior Citizens Saving scheme upper limit to Rs.50,00,000/- with 9% interest to mitigate their suffering. Raise the income tax exemption limit to Rs.5,00,000/-
    They don’t get DA on pension, at least allow them to have a fixed income. Thanks.

  • Raamamoorthy - 2 years ago

    We can do ineligible ink marks for exchange of Rupees notes to avoid multiple bank exchanges.Idea by Mrs MEENAKSHI CHANDRAMOULI Bangalore

  • BANTWAL MOHAN MAHESH RAO - 2 years ago

    If real estate belong to the ESI hospitals were auctioned off it would create a huge kitty to sponsor a health program to provide top quality healthcare to the ESI subscribers in the Private sector. This would be even a better success if co-payment can be allowed. This logic has been successfuly implemented in KArnataka under the Yashaswini Scheme. Right now the subscriber is getting shabby healthcare in ESI hospitals where most of the funds are utilised for the building of the hospital.

  • Atul Jauhari - 2 years ago

    To reduce pendency of cases in Indian courtsm I suggest as follows:

    1. Maximum limit of taking adjournments in the court by each party should be fixed to reduce the number of “Ineffective” dates and Advocates would be forced to move at a faster pace in the courts.
    2. A punishment should be fixed for every Advocate who is found to be filing, presenting and/or contesting distorted or fallacious facts in the court,

    In that eventuality, only the truth will be presented to the Judges