Approx. 80 crore people live in villages in India. Their life has to be upgraded by providing opportunity for self employment, This is one way the dream of father of the nation for swadesi will be fulfilled. Some of the areas are listed below and help from large number of CSIR laboratories may be taken as well as other private organizations.

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  • Satish Chandra Srivastava - 1 month ago

    Here the poorest of the poor who generally live half naked or with meager clothes may be provided at cost lower than the cost of production and this loss may be compensated from expensive garments for richer class or export.

    1. Footwear. Inexpensive footwear for local use and very good quality of leather may be exported.
    2. Garments. Here again low cost garments may be sold to poor persons and good quality clothes for richer class as well as for export.

  • Satish Chandra Srivastava - 1 month ago

    3. Dairy and milk products. Greater variety of milk products, cheese curds etc may be attempted for greater sale.
    4. Modular furniture for local use as well as for export specially for bringing up infants
    5. Modular masonary work in villages at cheaper price to be sent for cites to reduce the cost of building construction and gain to village workers.

    There may be more areas but all these may be worked out on khadi type village shops all products under one roof.

  • Satish Chandra Srivastava - 1 month ago

    This small write up is barely suggestion actual projects may be prepared for each item and younger scientists and voluntary force may implement these in a short period of one to two years.

    The farming may be given another major reform in the form of what may be termed as Innovated farming. The basic idea is that farms may be treated as large pots of say 100 M by 100 M and 2M deep. All requirements of farming in heavy rains and drought along with disease control etc may be provided on the spot.