Huge amount of money is wasted in our country in contract system for infrastructure building.I suggest formation of a standing civil work force on the lines of Army, Railway.It will be a multiple task oriented force, primarily for building, maintaining,repairing infrastructure.To Ensure discipline, Army services like service code can be introduced.Even army officers can head various teams.This way we can create huge employment.We can save trillions of rupees wasted on contractors as middle man.

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  • amit Tandon - 1 week ago

    This civil work force can be deployed in different parts of the country.Even railway, Government departments can requisition their services by payment to Government.Government is already providing free/subsidized medical facility.Free education. Housing for poor segment. Jobs guarantee under NAREGA, Free gas under Ujjwala scheme.These benefits can be integrated & instead of free sops, we can have a National force of dedicated, determined workers.Who can be efficiently deployed.