I have seen that lots of corruption in govt departments was made by the class three employees BABUs. They have never transferred from there departments. Due to this lack of policy they are doing corruption with free mind. Therefore I request to the Govt that please make the policy in such a way that every class three employee will be transferred from one city to other city in every three years. By this lots of corruption in govt departments can be stopped.

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  • rajkumar pandey - 6 years ago

    sir, it is a misconception that lower employees only do corruption. no lower employee can do corruption, unless higher grade officers and minister is also engaged in corruption. transport-posting udyog is a big money earner for ministers. unless ministers are willing to forego this income and there is transparency and strict enforcement of rules of tranfer and posting for all category of employees, nothing will change. Why transfers-postings are not managed by digital portal is a big question?