Sir Regarding Vijay Mallya leaving India. This will spoil your reputation, because earlier Lalit Modi and Sushma ji incident . How long you keep quite and let the CBI or Bankers or RBI to do their work which is going nowhere and wait for these Defaulter move their Asserts out of India,and leave the country. People of India today, feeling you have let them leave, This is very BAD sign for coming elections, its the perception that fools many people. Time to Clean up Agents

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  • Sundheep - 6 years ago

    Yeah Mallya lootes Public Sector Banks under UPA Rule..Now Modi Sarkaar is unnecessarily facing the flak due to the incompetence of Arun Jaitley..Subramanian Swamy should have been the FM , would have jailed all financial crooks,Brought back Black Money and scrapped Income Tax..