to control flooding all over the country we need services of Hydraulic Engineer in road building also to control water logging in low lying areas whether in metros like Mumbai or flood control in Bihar if this is serious problem give this project to IIT which specialize in Hydraulic Engineering but this must be given top priority by government to find a permanent long lasting solution to flooding whether on highways cities villages this is my earnest request to Mr Gatkari also to our PM

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  • Deepti Khutwal - 8 months ago

    Everyone is aware of Aarey Forest issue for metro car shed. Modiji we expected when your power will come , for our nation , we were really happy.
    But after this issue , which is the major issue like any other . We are not against development , but why the trees are getting cut so horribly, there are many lives living there and also humans need nature , nature doesn’t needs human !!!
    Please stop this.
    People are awaiting for the Supreme Court decision. Please don’t destroy mum green lungs